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Welcome to Camping Sylvia

The campsite was first opened in 1975 and it was renovated last year. It is a family business, located between the foothills of Mount Olympus and a meter away from the seaside, giving the opportunity to its visitors to be at the top of Olympus in the morning and at the beach in the afternoon.

Comfort tents
Camper Trailers
RV Campers
cabin houses

under construction

from €10

1-2 persons
9 s.m.

A small tent for one - max. two persons. Use your own tent or rent one of our used tents. You can have your regular vehicle parked on site when possible.

1-5 persons
20 s.m.

A comfort tent for one - max. five persons. Use your own tent or rent one of our tents. You can have your regular vehicle parked on site when possible.

1-6 persons
6.5m - 11m Length

An average size travel trailer would be about 6.5 to 11 meters in length. This trailer would typically come with some pretty standard amenities you need on your journey.

1-6 persons
6.5m - 11m Length

An average size of a motorhome would be about 6.5 to 11 meters in length. Motorhomes used for camping are vehicles that are specifically designed for travel and recreatio

1-8 persons
6.5m - 11m Length

An average size of a rv-camper would be about 6.5 to 11 meters in length. A recreational vehicle, is a motor vehicle or trailer that includes living quarters designed for


You can fill your day with a variety of activities, such as relaxing on the beach, water sports activities and walks in the woods, where you can enjoy nature at its best.

Wild Life

Explore the most popular wildlife trails in Mount Olympus National Park with hand-curated trail maps.


Ideal sections for this activity are the Tempi valley and the Pinios river delta to the mouth of the river and exit to the sea


Rappel, slide, jump, swim, and hike through the mythical landscape of Olympus

Life by the sea

While enjoying the beach and sea you also have the opportunity to visit the nearby cool villages and shady locations

Rock Climbing

Mount Olympus - Mytikas 2918m. Rub elbows with the Greek gods on a full-day hike to the top of Mount Olympus with your guide.

Mountain Biking

Experience the freedom of exploring the countryside by bike, and discover what Mount Olympus has to offer.

You can swim in the aegean sea or enjoy the sun on our private organised beach.


Camping Infrastructure


Trained staff that speaks foreign languages and is at your disposal 24 hours a day, but only for the high season 01 July - 10 September.

Mini Market

A mini market is operational only for the high season (01 July - 10 September), where you can buy the camper essentials, snacks, drinks or smokers' stuff.

Restaurant (Under Construction)

Off-season try local cuisine to support small businesses. Plan meals and explore nearby towns for unique food options to improve your camping experience.


Come join us during peak season and indulge in beach life at the campsite. Enjoy stunning views of crystal-clear waters and natural beauty while savoring your favorite beverage.

Parking in the camp

Park inside the designated area for extra vehicle protection. Follow the standard regulations to safeguard your car.. Enjoy your camping experience with peace of mind.

Sanitary facilities

Our 8 brand new bathrooms are provided with hot water all day and the 16 toilets of the premise meet all the hygiene standards and are cleaned multiple times a day.


There is also a place with coin operated washing machines and 10 sinks for washing-up and 10 more for laundry, in our sanitary facilities with 24-hour supply of hot water.

Fridges & Freezers

Use our gear for a comfortable camping experience, like a durable fridge or freezer beside the common use for cook places and keep your food fresh during your trip.

Chemical toilets

Chemical toilets for private and convenient camping restrooms. They eliminate queues, unsanitary conditions and water concerns. Odor-neutralizing and waste reservoir.

Electrical supplies

Check out our range of electrical supplies! From power sockets to adaptors, we have everything you need to stay connected while enjoying the great outdoors. Our products are reliable, durable, and safe to use.

Fast Internet

We prioritize fast, reliable internet for our camping. Our stable connection ensures frustration-free browsing, streaming, and work. Enjoy top-notch internet service to make your stay even better.


Campsites offer TV access in common areas for campers, but limit screen time, enjoy outdoor activities, and socialize with others. TV can be a relaxing option at the end of the day or during bad weather.

Organised beach

Enjoy a serene beach getaway with calming waves, warm sun, and comfy sunbeds under bamboo umbrellas. Recharge your energy and leave rejuvenated.

First Aid kit

Your safety requires personal first aid kits with bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and pain relievers, as well as a communal kit with a CPR mask, splints.

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